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Marino Company exist since 01.02.1993.
From the beggining as a producer of soft
drinks and mineral waters.

Our offer

Because to the excellent location of the factory we can benefit from the rich deposits of aquifers formed in the tertiary period. Miocene aquifer deck allows for obtaining water rich in natural minerals ans substances beneficial to the body. The water drawn from a depth of about 130m, is a naturally pure raw materials, which after extraction does not require treatment procedures.

About us

Marino Company exist since 1993. From the begginning as a manufacturer of soft drinks and mineral waters.

As part of the advanced marketing activities, we manage to win more and more clients for whom we create more and more interesting range of products extending if for different types of flavored drinks, natural spring waters and mineral water sparking and still.


The recipiens of our products are large retail chains in the country and abroad, eg. In Western Europe, including Germany.

Quality and safety

Water and drinks are studied systematically by the NIH Institute Fresenius in Taunsstein and laboratory works.


Investment in part of equipment in more and more modern production lines enable the realisation of the growing demand quality to our customers.